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Fighting For Finniss

Mount Compass winegrower and maker of international award winning spirits, Joe Ienco, is

proud to be the Nationals Candidate for Finniss at the 2022 State Election.

Joe says he is standing for The SA Nationals as they stand up for farming families and regional people, and they will take action on the issues that matter to the people of Finniss and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Joe, married to Zorica with two adult children, has owned and operated farming properties for over thirty years, whilst also working in the city or running his own small business for most of that time.

Joe says t hat we must encourage local young people to stay in the regions, and take on their family farms or other appropriate work, by supplying adequate education and training options locally, rather than everything being in Adelaide.

He also said that he feels some local older people are being neglected and there needs to be more facilities for retirees in the Fleurieu area.

“Another long neglected area of concern to me is Mental Health and Suicide Prevention – Government must recognise there is a silent epidemic of mental health issues in Regional areas and these must be addressed. I am sure the Nationals with their Regional Health Plan will address this and other local health issues”.

Joe, who has had several years of local government experienced as well, says that we need to make Finniss a marginal seat to attract the attention of the citi-centric major parties.

“Local people deserve to be treated as well as those in the city, with at least the same level of funding and services – here is a great chance for the Fleurieu people to have a strong voice on their side”


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