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Jonathan Pietzsch for Barker


I’m the father of two young girls and together with my wife I manage farming businesses around Tintinara in South East South Australia.


I wasn’t always from the bush, born and raised in the suburbs I have had a passion for agriculture from a very young age after first experiencing farming on a family holiday. This passion has led to a life on the land in a farming role and a regional community I love. As a first generation farmer I want to build a legacy for my daughters that enables them to take up agriculture if they so chose and to leave behind the land we manage in a better condition than it was in when we started.


I joined the Nationals 17 years ago as I believe that we are the party best suited to representing Regional Australia. A party driven by values; the belief that the family unit is the irreplaceable basis of a strong and stable society and the belief in maximising the rights and freedoms of the local community and the individual to govern themselves. We are the party that believes in you and your potential.


I love giving back to my local community, whether as a volunteer in the Country Fire Service or through supporting local sporting organisations and business development. There is so much potential in Regional Australia and I am optimistic about the future that we can leave to our children.

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