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The Heat Is On - The Nationals Question Covid Election Strategy

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The SA Nationals legislative Council team ticket will be led by a prominent South Australian Businessman and Community Leader Gary Johanson. Standing alongside him will be renowned Regional Sportswoman, Motor Racing Identity and Scientist Lisa Sherry.

Launching the campaign on Saturday Gary said “The people of South Australia need certainty in uncertain times, as they head towards compulsory voting at the 2022 State Election with rising Covid infections. When voters are forced to front a ballot box in March, the health of all South Australian’s needs to be the State Government’s top priority - why should it be compulsory to risk catching Covid at a polling booth due to Marshall’s inaction.”

“The SA Nationals are calling on both the Labor and Liberal parties to go back to work and expand the criteria for postal voting to all South Australians, thereby doing away with the need for polling booths for this election. This will eliminate the risk for the public, volunteers and electoral workers - after all how can electoral workers sanitize a cardboard box?”

Regional Education key to future development. “Biosecurity, agronomy, health, veterinarians, environmental outcomes - our Regional Communities longevity and growth is underpinned by science,” said Lisa, “as a food safety scientist who has coached high schoolers into Science careers. I understand the integral role that it plays in the bush and am passionate about instilling a love of the Sciences into others. As part of the Nationals’ strategy of Decentralisation and Regional Development we recognise that we need to develop training Centres of Excellence in the Regions. Retaining our young people in the Regions is critical to our future, they need to be able to develop their careers and complete their training locally.”

The SA Nationals call on all state MP’s to decline a tax payer funded car and to return the funds saved into Regional roads. “All SA National’s candidates will undertake to use their own cars for any parliamentary duties” said Lead Legislative Council Candidate Gary Johanson. “We believe that it’s far more important to be spending the money on safer roads or in alleviating the pressure on our health system than it is for politicians to have the luxury of taxpayer funded cars.”

Concessional motor vehicle registration qualifying window to be reduced from 30 years to 25 years. Lisa believes that a reduction in the qualifying period will help young car enthusiasts as they develop their passion for motorsports. “By reducing the registration window, we will make it more affordable for young people with a passion for motor vehicles to participate. Motorsports and enthusiasts bring more than 367 million dollars into our state economy, we need to better support the growth of the industry and recognize the contributions it brings to South Australian tourism and regional communities.”

“The SA Nationals are excited about the quality and profile of our Upper House candidates. We are offering a credible choice for South Australians looking to vote for people with traditional Australian family values,” says SA Nationals President, Jonathan Pietzsch.

“South Australians will now have a real choice in the Upper House, with people who have a track record of delivering for their communities, who have their hearts in the right place and a hands-on approach to fixing problems. These are people worth voting for”.


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