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Stepping up in Narungga

Warooka small businessman Ashley Wright is stepping up to represent the people of the Yorke Peninsula as the Nationals candidate for Narungga at the 2022 State Election.

Coming from a background as diverse as farming, mechanical to international trade Ashley

brings a wealth of experience to the his campaign. Ashley is married with one child and lives on the beautiful Southern YP on family owned 200 acres. He believes it’s a great place to live surrounded by great coast line, interesting bush land and brilliant capable, resilient people.

Owning the service station in Warooka, Ashley enjoys keeping the locals motoring down the road and supporting tourists as they support locals.

“I enjoy working on my property in my spare time and have a passion for old cars and boats, I like to build things and see it come to life. I want to bring that same passion to servicing the people of Narungga, in building the infrastructure and bringing the services to the community that we need.

We have a skills shortage on the YP at the moment that is made worse by a lack of housing. Towns need to be given the opportunity to e

xpand, we need to cut through the red tape and provide solutions that deal with the on the ground reality. A cookie cutter approach that suits developments in Adelaide just isn’t going to cut it here.”

Of particular concern to Ashley is the sharp increase in the number of feral cats and foxes on the YP, “Over the last 2 years there has been 0 bait programs or contact with farmers in the region. Prior to this point we had a fantastic program at the southern end that had the numbers well under control. Since this stopped we have seen a dramatic increase in feral pest numbers. I will be fighting for a consistent program of feral animal eradication that benefits all of our farmers.”

Driving the roads across the Peninsula daily Ashley is well acquainted with the need for safer and well maintained roads. Ashley believes that Country Drivers need Safer Roads not lectures on how to avoid potholes.


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