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Return All to School

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Nationals believe that we need a common-sense plan to get and keep our kids back in the classroom, a plan that provides certainty to parents, teachers and students.

  1. Guarantee of no more school lockdowns.

  2. Free Rapid Antigen Tests for students as well as staff.

  3. Well ventilated classrooms and air purifying systems where necessary.

  4. Simple 'test to stay' protocols.

  5. A plan to manage staff shortages.

  6. All students to return week one.

By getting kids back to face-to-face learning we will help get their educational, social and mental development back on track. The hybrid model of return to school is impractical and places more stress on families as they try to kick start their year after 2 years of uncertainty.

Nationals’ Candidate for Schubert Bruce Preece said that, “The current model put forward by the Marshall Government places greater pressure on families than is necessary, particularly with families caught in the ‘in between’ stage with one child going back to school on the 2nd of February and the others having to wait and study at home because the Government hasn’t prepared.”

“The State Government has been dealing with the COVID situation for almost 2 years now but yet again we see knee jerk reactions to situations that were entirely foreseeable. NSW, Tasmania and Victoria are deploying air purifiers in areas of schools that don’t have adequate ventilation yet in SA we’ve been told to ‘just open the windows’.


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