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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The SA Nationals have an exciting announcement this Saturday, January 15th, launching our Legislative Council team for the upcoming State Election with major announcements from the team on the state campaign.

The ticket will be led by a prominent South Australian Businessman and Community Leader. Standing alongside him will be a renowned Regional Sportswoman, Motor Racing Identity and Scientist who has won multiple National Motorsport Events.

The Upper House Team will be working closely with our candidates for the seats of Chaffey, Mackillop and Schubert with further candidates to be announced.

“The SA Nationals are excited about the quality and profile of our Upper House candidates. We are offering a credible choice for South Australians looking to vote for people with traditional Australian family values,” says SA Nationals President, Jonathan Pietzsch.

“South Australians will now have a real choice in the Upper House, with people who have a track record of delivering for their communities, who have their hearts in the right place and a hands-on approach to fixing problems. These are people worth voting for”.

The announcement itself will be colourful, with a display of various motorsport vehicles and an announcement will be made that will have a potential impact on all candidates at the state election. All further details about the Candidates will be made available at the announcement.

Announcement Location: 1 Davis Street, Wingfield (opposite Total Tools)

Announcement Time: 11.30am, Saturday, January 15th.

Media enquiries: SA Nationals President, Jonathan Pietzsch – 0429 010 047


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