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SA Nationals Fighting for Frome

The SA Nationals have announced great-grandmother, Loma Silsbury, as their candidate for Frome at the upcoming State Election.

Loma, who became one of the first 100 women to have run for Parliament in SA when she first contested a seat at the 1987 Federal Election for the Nationals, has lost none of the fire in her belly and will bring her Aussie know how, experience and well-known straight-talking style to the campaign.

“Regional people are sick of the broken promises, the bull and the blathering of the major parties.”

“We need people in Parliament who call a spade a spade, who don’t just point the finger in blame, but actually come up with solutions to our problems.”

Loma’s priorities are -

  • Recognition that Regional SA is the heart of the State’s economy;

  • Greater funding of regional hospitals and health services;

  • Decentralisation of Secondary Industry;

  • Investment in Regional Infrastructure including roads and schools;

  • When elected, Loma will not accept a taxpayer funded car, and will supply her own.

“I am also angry that the Government has not planned how to have a safe election with COVID still rampant and to allow everyone to have postal vote if they want.”

The SA Nationals are proud to have a senior Australian with so much experience and wisdom to represent them in Frome.

Loma says that 19% of South Australians are over 65 and “We deserve to be represented in Parliament too as, after all, we’ve learnt a thing or two in our time.”

Loma, known to many in the mid-North as the “Galloping Granny” says a lady need not reveal her age. The SA Nationals have agreed to that; however, we believe she may be the oldest person to ever stand for Parliament in South Australian history.


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