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Loma Silsbury for Frome

How to Vote for Loma Silsbury

Great-grandmother, Loma Silsbury, is our candidate for Frome at the upcoming State Election. Loma - who became one of the first 100 women to have run for Parliament in SA when she first contested a seat at the 1987 Federal Election for the Nationals - has lost none of the fire in her belly and will bring her Aussie know how, experience and well-known straight-talking style to the campaign.

Loma knows that regional people are sick of the broken promises, the bull and the blathering of the major parties - and it's time to have people in Parliament who call a spade a spade, who don’t just point the finger in blame, but actually come up with solutions to our problems.

Known to many in the mid-North as the “Galloping Granny”, Loma says that 19% of South Australians are over 65 and deserve to be represented in Parliament too as, after all, they've learnt a thing or two in their time.

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