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Lisa Sherry (Blandford) for the Senate


Lisa Sherry (Blandford) is a 48 year old Food Scientist and resident of Murray Bridge, who has two adult children. She has an Associate Diploma in Applied Chemistry from the University of SA. She is a well-known in SA, and indeed across Australia, as a very successful drag car racer, a passion she has had since following her father’s drag racing career as a child. Lisa is also known for being one of the first women in Australia to run an all-female race crew for her car.


Lisa believes the Regional areas of South Australia are vital to the economic well-being of the whole state, and that developing our Regional areas needs to be a key priority for all South Australian’s. She is dedicated to fighting for the adequate economic resources for the roads of regional South Australia. As a scientist employed in food security, she is passionate about creating pathways for young people into science careers through speaking in Schools and Universities.

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