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Damien Buijs for the Senate

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A shearer and small business owner, Damien is passionate about supporting regional communities.
Damien believes rural communities are the backbone of our nation’s economy and as such deserve strong representation.
Coming from a small regional town Damien is passionate about building better roads and the infrastructure which will enable rural communities to go about their work safely and efficiently and promote jobs for the regional youth of tomorrow. 

Damien is also deeply concerned about the deteriorating regional healthcare system and access to quality tertiary education in the bush highlighted to him by his recent move to Adelaide so that his wife could study midwifery.

"If we are constantly forcing our young people to the city in order to study or acquire a trade, it shouldn't surprise us when they are offered jobs and stay there." 

"It's a lot easier to keep a local, local than it is to drag a professional out of the city so we need to be looking at ways to provide local state of the art training for our regional youth so that our regional economies might flourish." 

Damien is married to his wife Esther with their first child on the way.

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