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John Illingworth for Hammond

How to Vote for John Illingworth

John Illingworth is a family man, married for 36 years, with two adult children. He has served his local community as a police officer for 37 years and was humbled to receive the award as Police officer of the Year 2012, for his work in road safety.


John is a long-term motorsport participant and enthusiast, having been a member of the Murray Bridge Speedway, racing there and at other speedways around the State.  He is currently involved in circuit racing at The Bend and Mallala, having previously raced at a number of circuits around Australia.


With both of his daughters having to move away for work, John understands the dilemma parents face when raising a family in the regions and believes that our children should be able to find pathways to employment opportunities, locally. John supports decentralisation of Government services and assistance to build resilience into our local businesses, which is essential to building strong communities and creating growth for the future.

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